P A R I S  2011  -  ein Fotobuch

I have discovered a fantastic film about
Paris by Gilles Vidal at the splendid website of Mohamad Soltanolkotabi:

Have a look at http://msol.ir/pages/view/pageid/13/lang/en

...  and then check “Paris” in the end of the links-list … and if you have more time also the link above of this Paris-link! :-)

First I thought it was taken from the top of Eiffel-tower, but then I tried all the provided tools and was so surprised! …




“Computer graphics designer, panographer -

Having been a design student at the Beaux-Arts of Toulouse (France), and then an architect for more than 11 years, Gilles Vidal discovered the multimedia world in 1998 almost by accident. He earned a certificate as a multimedia project manager, and then trained as a technician in image synthesis. Since 2000, he has concentrated on spherical visual panoramas, which let Vidal combine the pleasure of playing with shapes and images and his desire to explore new digital horizons.”

Source: http://worldwidepanorama.org/worldwidepanorama/wwppeople/html/GillesVidal.html

P A R I S 2011 - ein Fotobuch