Ottoman sundial – a photo book

After I had finished my work for the Ottoman sundial I created a photo book which I also took with me to my talk at the French sundial society CCS in Paris in October 2009.

The two gnomons to indicate the beginning of the islamic prayers are here restung besides a Dalí lip-object which I had bought at a big Dalí exhibition in Venice. Left of it a gondola-present by Sandro Grotto which I got during the same period in October 18 2004 in Vicenza.

An explanation of how to find the Qibla line and direction to Mecca with the help of this Ottoman sundial.

One of my four posters for my talk in Chaville near Paris in October 2010.

These two images show the work in progress and an important change of the islamic year indication. I had first planned to write the date according to the Iranian calendar, but Gianni Ferrari insisted to use the internationally common Arabian calendar nomenclatura. It became a really hard work...

While I was watching the master how he built and later on changed the gnomon I was watched pretty critically by a number of scantilly dressed girls, who looked down on me from the wall of the workshop!

And this is how the sundial looks finished, hanging on the balcony!

If you are interested in further details about this sundial you can choose these links. Here you will find rich information in German, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese and English language!